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My key attributes are a complete and up to date understanding of public exam requirements and a great builder of confidence within Mathematics, with respect always being shown and expected. The highest quality and professionalism will be delivered at all times.
Why Choose Me as Your Maths Tutor?

Years of Maths tutoring experience
Very friendly and communicative
Very knowledgeable regarding subject matter
Attuned to Smartphones and Tablet PCs
Fully up to date with GCSE Maths, A Level
Maths and Further Maths A Level

I strongly urge students to contact me between lessons for unlimited free assistance in answering queries and checking of homework.

The more students ask then the more they learn


Profile of George Lissowski

As an experienced Maths tutor I have enjoyed teaching students of all ages throughout North London. My focus is on providing complete dedication and commitment to all of my students. I work flexible hours to ensure that your child’s tuition fits around your lifestyle and your requirements.

I am a fully CRB Checked tutor with a BSc in Maths and Computer Science.

I prepare pupils for public examinations in the best possible way by continually going over past paper questions and revising those topics that need extra clarification or explanation. I also strive to encourage as much practice as possible as this is the best way for students to learn and improve. In addition, I establish a good rapport with parents so I can keep them up to date on their child’s development and maintain confidence in the success of their tuition.I have been told by many of my students of how they wished they could have me as their actual school Maths teacher instead. Nothing beats experience and of that, as a Maths tutor, I have a great deal.

George Lissowski

Highly Experienced Math Tutor

I am a fully CRB Checked tutor with a BSc in Maths and Computer Science.

My Service reviews.

I found George extremely helpful in encouraging me to achieve the A Level grades I required for university. I am convinced that without his urgings this would not have been possible. I can thoroughly recommend George as an invaluable asset to have.

Daniel Tiley E

I contacted George a couple of months towards the end of a gap year that I decided to take and found him ever so helpful in improving my A level grades. He encouraged me to work through as many of the past papers as possible from various boards and found him to be extremely knowledgeable regarding all topics. Not only that, but he is very approachable and friendly. Due to my gap year I had perhaps forgotten some of my GCSE maths theorems that George quizzed me on from time to time. I was amazed he was so up on everything. Most importantly, I found that he always ensured our time together was always spent on Maths, with idle chatter kept to a minimum. You could easily do far worse than employing George as a Maths tutor.

Shubh Khandelwal E


I have an upper 2nd class honours degree in Maths and Computer Science from London university back in the mid-seventies following A grades in both Pure and Applied Maths at Grammar school.
I spent 20 years in the IT industry before deciding to return to my most adored subject of Mathematics I have over 30 years involvement with mathematics .
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East Finchley, London, UK
T 07968 902169

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“I am blown away by the quality of both his help, and the support.

5 Stars, fabulous work!”

Tuition From £25 Per Hour

I am a fully CRB Checked tutor with a BSc in Maths and Computer Science.

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